Three Warriors - Face Tan Aqua Mist

Three Warriors - Face Tan Aqua Mist

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A three in one Face Tan Aqua Mist. Hydrate, restore and glow- Tasmanian purest water, electrolytes, and minerals. We are going to be making your face and décolletage feeling all kinds of good! Vegan, certified organic & natural ingredients. Spray away! Or you’re going to be misting me all day.

H O W   T O  U S E   M E

Apply to dry, clean skin. Hold nozzle 30cm from the face, spray until you feel a light mist build up... Don’t forget the neck & décolletage! Go easy, you have all week to build it up. Tan will develop over 3 hours. No need to wash off.

F R A G R A N C E                                                                   

Lemon Myrtle & Jasmine  

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